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Mobile ideas Designing cultural institutions
24/01/2014/ Redutowe Rooms/ Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa


What is the function, role and potential of contemporary cultural institutions?

What are their main tasks?


A meeting devoted to designing the future of cultural institutions will inaugurate the Mobile Ideas cycle within the frame of the OperaLab think-tank set up by Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa and BMW.



About Mobile Ideas

Mobile Ideas is a cycle of meetings expounding upon the concept of the OperaLab cultural think-tank, which moves the project to the plane of discussions and workshops. During the planned meetings, culture managers, sociologists, artists, designers and the business community will share their experiences and debate the future and the condition of the contemporary art and the city, possibilities of their development through innovative arts programmes. The Mobile Ideas programme is designed to put in practice the research assumptions of the OperaLab project, thus allowing integration of the creative, academic and business communities, in accordance with the concept, according to which the strength of today’s culture derives from its interdisciplinary character and openness to dialogue. A broad look and innovative thinking translate into effective actions. Mobile Ideas provide an intellectual space for culture. Held at the Redoubt Rooms of Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa, it is the first such initiative in Poland.


Exhibition of the final projects Design of Identity/Identity of Design - relation



AR/ DIY OperaLab

Catalouge of Exhibition Design of Identity/Identity of Design


Opening of exhibition of the final projects Design of Identity/Identity of Design



Final Preparations for Exhibition fo the final projects Design Identity/Identity of Design The Polish Grand Theatre - National Opera/Redutowe Rooms 17/05/2013

Fot. Mikołaj Molenda

The announcement of exhibition of the final projects Design of Identity/Identity of Design The Polish Grand Theatre - National Opera/Redutowe Rooms 17/05 - 1/06/2013

Exhibition of the final projects Design of Identity/Identity of Design The Polish Grand Theatre - National Opera/Redutowe Rooms 17/05 - 1/06/2013

wystawa pokonkursowa


2 Stage / Final

Replies to questions asked by the participants


Model of the pavilion/ exhibition



Due to the specific nature of the design project of the post-competition exhibition each project should include a three-dimensional model of the pavilion block.

Competition seminar



We invite you to a competition seminar to be held at the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in November. The exact date will be announced on the website and on facebook.

Upload your project



A link to the FTP server where you can upload projects has been provided on the website.


The Rules and Regulations


The Rules and Regulations of the Design of Identity/Identity of Design competition have been provided on the website. If you have any questions concerning the Competition please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Good luck!



Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa, the Polish Grand Theatre – National Opera, is a place where the correspondence, interpenetration and dialogue of arts are perfectly visible. The Theatre and Opera House is a remarkable building. In less than two hundred years, eminent architects shaped an idea into form. The idea was to create the world of arts. The 180th anniversary of the Theatre, falling in the coming year 2013, is an occasion to celebrate the architectural heritage of the Theatre House, first designed by Antonio Corazzi, and then restored and expanded to the present appearance by Bohdan Pniewski.

The Grand Theatre and National Opera House is also one of the major elements of the City’s identity, its structure defining the urban space. The aim of the project is to establish a dialogue between the architectural and design heritage and new trends and directions in these fields, and thereby to drive change.

A point of departure for the project is the building serving as home to Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa, which is closely linked to the City’s identity and remains a strong highlight in its landscape. In the context of dynamic changes that the modern metropolis undergoes as a playground of ceaseless cultural activity, it seems appealing to accentuate the fixed points that allow for its easy identification.

Inviting BMW to collaborate on the project was a natural choice given the long-standing commitment of that brand to support artistic initiatives.


We see our partnership as an opportunity to create an innovative space for the Polish art.

OperaLab is a new interdisciplinary project combining the features of an art gallery and a think tank with the purpose to create space for discussion on the changing face of the City today and the role of art as a discipline of substantial creative potential to influence its current image.

OperaLab is a platform designed to drive experiments with forms and ideas, a meeting point for art and technology where dialogue between various visions of a modern city to be built through art is encouraged, and discussion on contemporary design as an effective instrument for transferring ideas fostered. This kind of intellectual circulation will provide a broader perspective on the latest artistic phenomena.

When asking about the design identity, we ask about its constant change and development. We want to confront the picture of mobility as a defining trait of a modern city with certain fixed points construed as reference points to its identity.

The identity of urban space is being built through and owing to art. Design disciplines have become a kind of totem and tool for cultural development. Their city-forming function is coming to prominence so the question about the future of cities and urban growth is actually a question about the role of art in the construction and constant transformation processes shaping the cityscape.